Bagan ZAY Food / Beverage / Catering / Restaurant Bagan Zay, Nyaung-U, Région de Mandalay, Myanmar (Birmanie)

Open since november 2015, Bagan ZAY prides itself in doing a unique modern Myanmar cuisine and serving trendy cocktails up to international standards.

We aim to bring a new vision in Myanmar food industry and to be remembered as a pioneer in the Bagan F'n'B scene.

Bagan ZAY serves dishes based on traditional Myanmar recipes mixed with a twist of western influence. Along with it, we provide travellers in Bagan with a trendy cocktail menu, fresh juices and smoothies and imported wines and liquors.
All of it in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

Bagan ZAY is a young and energic company. We push employees to be creative and take initiatives. Our small team is built as a family where each and everyone is very important, and so to get the best out of their working experience.

Bagan ZAY's Jobs

F'n'B Manager Bagan ZAY Bagan Zay, Nyaung-U, Région de Mandalay, Myanmar (Birmanie) 250000 Kyats - 599999 Kyats 21-06-2016 Food / Beverage / Restaurant Service 942 views