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Milady Co. Ltd.

We simply love to connect Brands to the market, and we are just good at it!

We are a Marketing company that helps businesses and Entrepreneurs in fashion, apparel and retails sectors from Branding awareness, successful sales distribution to Customer Engagement and Loyalty. 

We put 100% effort on four core focus : Brand Entrance, Set up successful Sales Channels, Profitable Execution, Customer centric Approach.

We are young, energetic and creative Branding company.

Brand Manager

Brand Manager Wanted! – based in Yangon.


Do you remember when you hear a Brand name and you are already being sold and ready to buy its products, the Brand Manager behind that brand is doing his/ her job.


Brand Manager is responsible for ensuring the branding and marketing activities resonate with current and targeted potential customers. To do so, a Brand Manager continuously watch the market trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. He/ She will also meet with potential consignees, customers and corporates senior managers.


Brand Manager will be working closely with Marketing Manager/ Director and take care of developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and activities for the brand. A Brand Manager is responsible for more than executing marketing campaigns; they are also in charge of managing and developing P&L and driving market growth. Strong analytical skills, business savvy and the ability to multitask are all essential.


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Main Duties and Responsibilities


·        To grow sales profit, and secure consignment customers and Corporate sales.

·        To develop and grow a customer focus retail fashion operation including new shops to
maximize available assets.

·        To ensure awareness and account for competition, retail sector trends and current trading opportunities.
To develop, implement, review and monitoring the operating plan and budget.

·        To ensure all shops are efficiently and effectively managed, visiting them regularly, and monitoring their compliance with policy, procedure and standards.

·        To promote customer care approach of the retail operations, handling customers queries or issues of poor customer care, both timely and effectively

·        To drive display, merchandising and pricing while observing fashion retail trends in Myanmar.

·        To monitor stock in each shop counters, ensuring there are adequate supplies.

·        To promote Paris Bijoux Myanmar to the general public via various communication platforms, e.g. social media, magazines, online engagement.

·        To ensure timely and accurate reporting of all aspects of operations, following-up as required


The Brand Manager’s Job brief

We are looking for a dedicated Brand manager who is passionate about generating strategies that grow market share and brand’s reputation, improve customer experience and drive growth. You will also contact potential consignee to take on distribution and Corporate accounts for joint promotions using our Brand. Working hour is flexible and the team is communicated mostly online. You are accountable for your own time management.

How To Apply

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250000 Kyats - 599999 Kyats
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Job Specialization
Sales - Retail / General
Retail / Wholesale / Telesale / Online Sale