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-          Daewoo Amara Hotel next to the Inya-Lake has been reborn as one of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the No. 1 Hotel Chain in Korea.


-          LOTTE HOTEL will become the representative of Yangon, with the landmark which includes 15-story 5 Star luxury hotel and 29-story serviced residence, locating by the Inya-Lake.



-          LOTTE HOTEL offers 658 guestrooms, 5 restaurants, 6 banquet rooms, and 5 convenience facilities (Fitness Club, Spa, Outdoor Pool, Club Lounge, and Business Center)


Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in such diverse industries as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment. Lotte's major operations are overseen by Shin's family in Japan and South Korea, with additional businesses in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, UK, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland (Lotte bought Poland's largest candy company Wedel from Kraft Foods in June 2010). Today, Lotte is the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea, and is the third largest in Japan behind Meiji Seika and Ezaki Glico in terms of sales revenue when only the sales of Lotte's confectioneries are counted.

Director of Facility Maintenance

·          Construction

-           Establish five-year or mid-to-long term plans and review adequacy of construction in the pertinent year

-           Finalize construction period suiting seasonal characteristics and proceed with construction in a phased manner

-           Come up with construction and maintenance plans, including material requirement planning and construction methods, in advance to perform construction projects at lowest prices or lowest costs

-           Familiarize yourself with laws applicable to hotels among construction-related laws and educate employees about them through thorough management to prevent any violation of such laws and non-compliance

-           Frequently familiarize yourself with the Fire Services Act and the Special Act on the Safety Control and Maintenance of Public Structures, frequently check on specified laws and implementation periods, and educate employees about them

-           Confirm whether everything is included in construction-related specifications, including terms and conditions, area of construction, material supply, manufacturing methods, construction methods, safety management, clearance of site, field curing and where responsibility lies

-           Always perform time and scheduling management to complete construction by designated dates in accordance with schedule table

-           With safety management in the construction site and clearance of site serving as foremost objectives, frequently educate staff to ensure prevention of fire and  safety accidents

-           Consult with business departments about occurrence periods of dangerous goods, welding and noise, etc. and strive for smooth site management by frequently conducting inspection not to cause any hindrance to business operation

-           Upon completion of construction, make sure that completion drawings should be submitted by constructors for drawing update. Educate staff about drawing update and frequently confirm the results

·          Power

-           Provide management and operation for continuous and smooth power supply

-           Demonstrate understanding and awareness of power system and apply the understanding to minimize the scope of accidents in preparation for various power outage incidents

-           Familiarize yourself with safe management methods of power facilities (electric transformers, power distribution panels, etc.) and efficient operation methods

-           Provide operation and management of the hotel’s electric installations, including all lightings, electric heating instruments, power, equipment and facilities and kitchen facilities. In the case of their malfunctioning, acquire technical skills to promptly repair or replace them

-           Take responsibility for smooth proceedings of various banquet events by complying with various needs of customers hosting banquets

-           Promptly respond to various electric accidents and malfunctioning that take place randomly by familiarizing yourself with power supply systems from electrical substations in buildings to respective final sections in the hotel premises

-           Demonstrate full understanding of energy saving measures for various electrical devices to introduce and adopt high-efficiency, low-consumption electrical devices. Establish energy saving measures for lighting instruments

-           Oversee lighting presentation suiting different events, including wedding and other banquets, and provide support for smooth proceedings of event programs

-           Oversee audio system of each banquet room and familiarize yourself with audio requirements for respective events by gaining overall knowledge on audio technology

-           Oversee all communication facilities in the hotel and provide all means of communication necessary for guests and staff

-           Familiarize yourself with technical specifications of main equipment in the communication room that control communication means in every zone in the buildings, including the hotel, to carry out all communication-related business

-           Familiarize yourself with knowledge necessary for management, maintenance and repair, and operation of CCTV system, TV system, parking management facilities, premise entry/exit management system, and emergency call system in the hotel

-           Oversee the operation of all elevators in the hotel and conduct regular inspection and repair malfunctioning elevators

·          Equipment and Facilities

-           Maintain, inspect, and repair AHU and FCU

-           Establish and implement operation and maintenance plans on HVAC equipment and ducts

-           Conduct operation and management of heating/air conditioning lines and related ducts

-           Conduct regular inspections for equipment operation

-           Establish and implement monthly, quarterly, and annual inspection plans

-           Manage and implement demand and supply of tap water and ground water

-           Manage and supervise operation and inspection of various water supply/drainage pumps, water tanks, and sewage disposal tank

-           Maintain and repair hot and cold water lines

-           Conduct regular maintenance for machinery and equipment

-           Provide management and supervision for smooth operation of boilers

-           Provide operation and management of refrigerators and cooling towers

-           Provide management of package air-conditioner facilities

-           Provide management of operation and control of power facilities in all buildings

·          Disaster Protection

-           Inspect/confirm drawings prior to commencement of construction

-           Conduct fire prevention and safety education through control of work by external constructors

-           Patrol areas with dangerous goods, welding machine and vulnerable areas in construction sites

-           Establish and operate fire protection plan and self-protection firefighting squad

-           Set up an emergency squad and conduct training for the emergency squad once a month

-           Conduct fire prevention education for all staff members (including those from partner companies) once a year

-           Conduct patrol inspection for work sites

-           In the case of a fire or fire report, immediately get to the scene and put out the fire

-           In the case of fire emergencies, command the mobilization of the emergency squad

-           Receive various phone calls reporting emergencies

-           Disassemble and inspect gas pressure regulation stations twice a year

-           Manage and inspect facilities using gas

-           Provide maintenance of all equipment and facilities, including fire-fighting facilities, fire-extinguishing system, smoke control system, automatic fire detection system, and emergency defensive structure to make sure that they operate normally

·          Take appropriate action to resolve customer complaints

·          Prepare and manage a cost effective budget with measurable targets for department within the financial parameters set down by the hotel budget

·          Plan work schedules of employees in accordance with the Labor Act and efficiently manage labor costs

·          Actively work at developing your staff and identify high potentials

·          Implement and coordinate cooperation as a supporting department for business operation


·         Efficient job assignment skills based on capabilities of working staff

·         Basic working skills in personnel and labor relations

·         Planning on annual construction and maintenance

·         Diverse legal knowledge on the Building Act, Fire Services Act, and the Special Act on Safety Control of Public Structures

·         Working knowledge on construction and maintenance management

·         Understanding of building power system and application skills

·         Budget estimation and budgeting skills on operation of electric facilities

·         Managerial skills for maintenance, inspection, and repair of HVAC system-related AHU and FCU and heating/air-conditioning lines

·         Operation and management of machinery and equipment and water supply/drainage facilities management skills

·         Fire protection equipment maintenance and repair skills

·         Capabilities to establish fire safety measures

·         Understanding of drawing management and government relations

·         Understanding of and knowledge on job competency education


·         Career Level   : Director

·         Education        : Bachelor’s degree in specialized fields or higher

·         Experience      : 10 or more years of working experience

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Engineering - Others
Hotel / Hospitality
Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)