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-          Daewoo Amara Hotel next to the Inya-Lake has been reborn as one of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the No. 1 Hotel Chain in Korea.


-          LOTTE HOTEL will become the representative of Yangon, with the landmark which includes 15-story 5 Star luxury hotel and 29-story serviced residence, locating by the Inya-Lake.



-          LOTTE HOTEL offers 658 guestrooms, 5 restaurants, 6 banquet rooms, and 5 convenience facilities (Fitness Club, Spa, Outdoor Pool, Club Lounge, and Business Center)


Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in such diverse industries as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment. Lotte's major operations are overseen by Shin's family in Japan and South Korea, with additional businesses in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, UK, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland (Lotte bought Poland's largest candy company Wedel from Kraft Foods in June 2010). Today, Lotte is the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea, and is the third largest in Japan behind Meiji Seika and Ezaki Glico in terms of sales revenue when only the sales of Lotte's confectioneries are counted.

Director of Food & Beverage

·          F&B Director is in charge of all Food & Beverage employees. Place employees in

appropriate places

·          Motivate employees and support self-improvement through continual training and


·          Assign tasks and assess the adequacy of the assignment

·          Supervise employees to ensure regulations are followed and duties fulfilled

·          Manage employee work hours in an efficient manner in compliance with applicable laws

·          Collection of customer preference data, email addresses, etc

·          Plan and inspect service and work training for employees

·          Ensure that employees receive service and work training through the daily meeting time

·          Comply with company regulations. Train employees to enhance the service standards on professional appearance and attitude. Continually inform others about any applicable changes

·          Teach the trainee on the importance of customer-oriented service and nurture confidence and pride in the work

·          Be responsible for the promotion of customer-oriented service and maintain perfect knowledge of services offered by the hotel

·          Receive and handle customer complaints. Report to the GM if necessary

·          Have an intimate knowledge of customer service standards. Train and manage employees accordingly to provide standardized service

·          Check each workplace for any problems and inspect work readiness

·          Inspect the planning and implementation of various events at each workplace

·          Be respectful of company property. Place and manage business materials and equipment in an appropriate manner

·          Supervise employees' compliance with sanitation, cleanliness, fire prevention, health and safety standards

·          Approve the purchase of aging furniture, equipment and fixtures in consideration of their lifetime and durability

·          Create a revenue goal for the workplace and the F&B department. Make detailed plans and report on them

·          Establish and manage F&D budget

·          Manage and improve profit/loss for the improvement of revenue and operational profit

·          Manage the expenditure of each account in the budget in an efficient manner. Approve the use of the budget

·          Create and regulate an annual operations plan

·          Make long- and short-term plans and assignments

·          Superintend necessary training and meetings and keep a record so as to maintain the highest quality of service and keep employees informed of their surrounding  environment

·          Create a good work environment for employees. Provide essential support in handling any problems that may arise

·          Perform all tasks in compliance to the manual and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Manage and supervise their consistent implementation by employees

·          Outside of in-house departments, maintain an ongoing relationship with various organizations like customers, partners, government organizations and competitors

·          Frequently meet and cooperate with other related departments


·         Must have fluent English skills to serve guests and make reports

·         Must network with major customers including VIPs

·         Must be a good communicator. Must be able to train and make reports

·         Must show basic computer proficiency such as with MS Word

·         Must be able to create policies and make plans to meet F&B revenue goals

·         Must show understanding of, and proficiency in, equipment and fixtures used in the operation of a restaurants and banquet

·         Must be knowledgeable about applicable laws regarding the operation of restaurants and banquet


·         Career Level   : Director

·         Education        : High school diploma or higher in related field preferred

·         Experience      : Experience in food & beverage services. Experience in hotel restaurant duties preferred

How To Apply

Job Type
Job Specialization
Hotel Management / Tourism Services
Hotel / Hospitality
Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)