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-          Daewoo Amara Hotel next to the Inya-Lake has been reborn as one of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the No. 1 Hotel Chain in Korea.


-          LOTTE HOTEL will become the representative of Yangon, with the landmark which includes 15-story 5 Star luxury hotel and 29-story serviced residence, locating by the Inya-Lake.



-          LOTTE HOTEL offers 658 guestrooms, 5 restaurants, 6 banquet rooms, and 5 convenience facilities (Fitness Club, Spa, Outdoor Pool, Club Lounge, and Business Center)


Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in such diverse industries as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment. Lotte's major operations are overseen by Shin's family in Japan and South Korea, with additional businesses in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, UK, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland (Lotte bought Poland's largest candy company Wedel from Kraft Foods in June 2010). Today, Lotte is the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea, and is the third largest in Japan behind Meiji Seika and Ezaki Glico in terms of sales revenue when only the sales of Lotte's confectioneries are counted.

Executive chef of Culinary

Manage human resources in the kitchen in a productive and efficient manner while complying with the company's human resource management regulations

-          Create the latest, useful culinary standards and processes with a focus on customers

-          Train Chefs de Cuisine directly. Establish active two-way communication

-          Provide constructive feedback and instruction as well as discuss any problems to improve efficiency

-          Manage the work schedule for Chefs de Cuisine

-          Manage personnel efficiently according to any events and reservations

-          Distribute tasks adequately among employees and foster a sense of responsibility

Hold training sessions for culinary trends, work tasks, foreign language and equipment protection

Create and manage new food items

-           Create seasonal menus, menu items for special events and ingredient promotions

-           Develop concept menus that cater to trend and customer preferences. Commercialize the menus

-           Provide a menu concept that can be utilized in each of the workplaces

-           Provide information on improved culinary technology and techniques

-           Establish and make use of a database for regular menu development

-           Ensure that the cooking processes follow standard recipes and SOP

Determine the directionality of the menu, and provide a menu concept to each workplace

Write standard management policies regarding ingredients, cost, and sanitation and cooking

Observe the daily and weekly reservation status and coordinate labor, menu, work hours, etc.

Improve the standards on menu items, operation and management to maintain competitiveness

Follow all policies related to HACCP standards and food safety laws. Ensure that employees follow the policies

Remove any hazardous elements from the workplace. Instruct and supervise employees to keep the workplace safe

Observe employees and instruct them on dress code

Supervise employees' compliance with sanitation, cleanliness, fire prevention, health and safety standards

Maintain a customer-first attitude at all times

Respond to customer requests promptly and precisely

If customers make particular requests, complaints, compliments, etc., reply to them

within 24 hours

Present the menu to VIP customers

Keep and make use of a database of customer information and preferences data

Regulate and manage adequate ingredient cost, payroll and wages in each of the

workplaces in the Culinary

Regulate and manage all expenses in the Culinary

Manage and improve profit/loss to increase revenue and operational profit in the Culinary

Write loss and profit statement on a monthly/quarterly/half-year/annual basis for the Culinary Team and report to the GM

Establish and administer an annual budget for the Culinary

Manage the expenditure of each account in the Culinary department budget in an efficient manner. Approve the use of the budget

Train employees on the proper use and storage of kitchen equipment, devices, tableware, etc.

Approve the purchase of aging furniture, equipment and fixture in consideration of their lifetime and durability

Report the inventory results for the kitchen facility, equipment and tableware to the GM two or more times per year

Prevent damage to kitchen facility, utility, equipment and tableware. Manage the damage ratio (maintain 0.3-0.5% of F&B revenue)

Take necessary measures to keep a safe kitchen environment

Ensure that energy equipment such as electrical equipment, gas equipment and refrigerators (freezers) are maintained on a regular basis

Ensure that safety inspection of the building is performed on a regular basis by examining the floor, the ceiling and the walls

Collect and provide various information related to kitchen operation (ingredients, equip ment, utility, tableware, suppliers, latest market trends, etc.)

Read up on the latest culinary and F&B trends. Carry on a progressive and aggressive business operation accordingly

Outside of in-house departments, maintain an ongoing relationship with various organizations like customers, partners, government organizations and competitors



·         Must speak English fluent enough to be able to deal with customers and present menu

·         Must possess general knowledge of the food and culture of a given field

·         Must possess the ability and skills to create new menu items in keeping with the general trend

·         Must be a good communicator. Must be able to manage personnel well

·         Must show basic computer proficiency such as with MS Word

·         Must demonstrate an accurate understanding of how to calculate and manage cost

·         Must demonstrate an understanding of, and skills to use, kitchen facility, utility, equipment and kitchenware

·         Must know applicable laws regarding food safety and general kitchen operation



·         Career Level   : Executive chef

·         Education        : Relevant bachelor's degree or higher preferred

·         Experience      : Cooking experience of 15 years or more


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Hotel Management / Tourism Services
Hotel / Hospitality
Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)