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Myanmar Red Cross Society

We are humanitarian organization and provide humanitarian assistance to beneficiary people.

OPP-Field Officer

Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) is volunteer based humanitarian organization throughout the whole country acting with and for the most vulnerable at all times. MRCS initial Salary determination will be calculated depending on applicant's competencies and experiences. Benefit Package consists of Paid Medical, Annual, Casual Leave, On-Duty for Training, Provide Cost Living Allowance, Accommodation Allowance& Hardship Allowance for specific area, Training and Development Opportunities, Promotion and Management Development.


Purpose of Job: Bench Worker is to assist and implement Hpa‐an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Centre’s Bench work activities within the Framework of the MRCS policies and procedures and in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Movements.


Job Description:Standard function description:


1. Implementsation of the outreach program's operational activities in the region covered as agreed upon, according to the program objectives and established criteria for selection procedures of amputees service users.

2. In line with the planning, pFollow up of the care and treatment at the hospital site for the Outreach Prosthetic Programme beneficiaries accommodated there, according to established guidelines.

3. Assist in preparesation of prostheticthe mobile organizeing and repair service trips

34. Performs networking, advocacy and dissemination about HORC's activities to the stake holders in the region covered.


Job Description:

Standard function description:

a) Institutional Responsibilities:

1. As MRCS representative, perform all tasks and duties related to the Outreach and Referral (OR) Prosthetic Program/ Mobile Repair Service (MobRS) Program in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement, the program's objectives and the criteria for identification and selection of amputees service users.

2. Act as a focal person for dissemination and promotion of the Outreach and Referral (OR) Prosthetic Program/ MobRS Program among the population in general, but with special attention to medical institutions, authorities and/or any recognised organisations and individuals linked with programs concerning amputees service users.


b) Management Responsibilities:

1              Plan Prepares all field activities related to the Outreach and Referral (OR) Program identification and selection of amputees within the referral area,,  in collaboration with MRCS Volunteers and in consultation with the other StakeholdersService provider

Ÿ  Participates in the preparation of Formulate yearly and quarterly plans of action for field visits.

Ÿ  PTo participates regular meeting with all collaborators for a proper activities follow–up.

Ÿ  Liaises with the different ethnic, religious and political groups for collection of all information on amputees service users, within the target area

Ÿ  Ensure that all collection of amputees is carried out in accordance with the objectives and selection criteria of the program

Ÿ  Acts as a team leader during mobile organizinge & repair trips.

Ÿ  Produces regular field trip report and quarterly reports on the program activities

Ÿ  Keeps updated SU list at all time

Ÿ  Develops, together with the MRCS branches, a waiting -list system and keep it updated

Ÿ  Assists all amputees service users arriving on their own, with appropriate information about the OR/ PP/ MobRW/ Repairmen and its functioning

Ÿ   Assist amputees service users with their transfer to another hospital, if this is required

Ÿ  Assists in preparation of drivers' schedule for Mobile repair trips

Ÿ  Proposes improvement regarding the program to the management team




2             Organises, together with MRCS branches and other recognised organisations/ institutions, the collection and transportation of amputees the referral of SU consistent with the capacity/ Promotes accessibility to prosthetic minor repair service for service users within the target area

Ÿ  Ensures that the Service Provider is informed about number and timing of amputees SU giving appointment during MobRW arriving organise transportation, food and accommodation as well as medical assistance if necessary, for the amputees during their trips

Ÿ  Ensure that all amputees receive proper assistance during their journey to the HORC and on their way back.Informs the Service Users, when relevant, of the presence of Repairmen in the targeted areas.



3             Ensures proper management of the financial resources allocated to the activities:              

Ÿ  Estimates the cost before each field trip and request the working advance accordingly

Ÿ  Ensures that the means of transport accommodation used are the most appropriate (e.g. price vs. time)

Ÿ  Provide the amputees with necessary allowances and ensure they sign a receipt

Ÿ  Assists to Admin unit in calculationCalculate the cost of the return trip for amputees service users and providinge them with necessary means, after prosthetic treatment

Ÿ  Settles all working advances after each trip, with detailed list of expenditure and respective original vouchers

Ÿ  Ensures that reimbursements are made according to established procedures and in a timely manner

Ÿ  Submit monthly expenditure reports with all the necessary supportive documents, to the ICRC prosthetist assigned to monitor the PRP.

Ÿ  Participates in the flat rate review with Admin & Finance team

Ÿ  PrepareParticipates in preparing of the annual plan of action and budget for the program.


4             Liaise with the MRCS for all matters relevant to the Outreach and Referral Program/MobRW:

Ÿ  Updates the program with regards to achievements, problems and constraints concerning the collection of amputees the programs

Ÿ  Produces regular reports on the program activities

Ÿ  Participates in meetings related to the program and implement the decisions taken

Ÿ  Assesses, through all established contacts, number and location of potential amputees Service Users and forwards/ refers to program coordinator the centre

Ÿ  Shares all project related information with the MRCS  and with the ICRC Prosthetist assigned to monitor the PRP.


5             Cooperation with local authorities and other partners, stake holders

·         Networking with DPOs, NGOs and other service providers during field trips

·         Disseminates about HORC, MobRW and Repairmen activities, HORC and MobRW activities to service providers during training, meeting and field trips

·         Keeps effective communication with stake holders in development of HORC activities


6             Follow up of OPP beneficiaries at the ward of the HORC

Ensures that  SU are well informed about the rules and regulations governing the patient's ward

Ensures that the  SU are provided with all basic amenities (hygiene kit, blanket etc), upon arrival at the ward

Refers any serious matter to the  HORC Management Team.

Report on the cleanliness of the ward, the appropriate arrangement of beds and the proper utilisation and safety of furniture and all other belongings of the ward

Report on the appropriateness and sufficiency of food provided to the amputees and the hygienic conditions of the food preparation and storage area

Compile and submit to the ICRC Prosthetist assigned to monitor the PRP, the MS and the list of amputees admitted and discharged, on a monthly basis

Plan arrangements for accommodation of amputees with the Service Provider concerned

Ensure that amputees SU are well informed about the rules and regulations governing the patient's ward

Ensure that the amputees are provided with all basic amenities (hygiene kit, blanket etc), upon arrival at the ward

Refer any serious matter to the ICRC Prothetist assigned to monitor the Head of PRP and the Manager HORC Management Team.


c) Operational Responsibilities:

1         Perform field missions to selected areas for identification, selection and transportation organizing of amputees service users:

Plan and carry out all field missions for the organizing and repairing of selection and transportation of amputees service users in the program area

Coordinate with MRCS volunteers and other recognised partner agencies participating in the program activities

Respect the waiting list established in collaboration with MRCS branches

Ensure that amputees referred by ICRC delegates or other informed partners, are equally  considered in the identification and selection process


1            Perform field missions to disseminate on the OPP/ Mobile Repair Service

Plan and carry out all field missions for the promotion of the OPP/ Mobile Repair Service

Identify MRCS branches that need proper training on OPP issues


32               Assistance to ICRC expatriate team

Updates the ICRC regarding the achievements, problems, constraints related to the overall functioning of the ORPP/ MobRW-activities.

Advices the ICRC team on matters relating to the socio-politico-economic situations affecting the region

Furnishes statistics and other data required by the ICRC team

Contributes to facilitates communications with any HORC 's interlocutors by acting as interpreter.

Organizes service users informing and identification for ICRC PRP team before SU Evaluation and repairmen identification trip if necessary


General Duties


Reports to the Deputy Manager Technical Head of administration and finance about missing or broken material, tools and machinery relating to the MobRW.

Informs on time the Deputy Manager Head of administration and finance about holidays planning / absentness / sickness.

Be aware of the HORC objectives and activities

Understands the three components of the Red Crescent Movement

Applies the security rules at all times

Respects and observes the staff regulations of the MRCS, Myanmar

Reports on occurred problems without delay



The employee may be asked to perform duties and task not covered in this job description as well as to provide support to other departments units when necessary.



Minimum Required knowledge & Experience :

Ÿ  Myanmar National

Ÿ  Age 2535-5055 years old, Male

Ÿ  University degree

Ÿ  332 years work experiences in a similar field

Ÿ  Able to communicate ( written and spoken English ),Myanmar and Kayin preferable

Ÿ  Good management skills

Ÿ   Good negotiation skills


Ÿ  Capacity to work independently

Ÿ  Ability and willingness to travel with amputees around the coverage areas.

Ÿ  Resident in Hpa-an vicinity

Ÿ  Red Cross Volunteers are preferable



How To Apply

Application process:      Please send your application letter, CV, and related documents to;


Head Office:                                                                                      Branch Office:

Myanmar Red Cross Society                                                       Myanmar Red Cross Society

Razathingaha Road, Dekhinathiri,                                            No. 42, Red Cross Building,

Nay Pyi Taw.                                                                                      Kannar/Strand Road,

Or Email:                           Botahtaung Township, Yangon.


For more information and application, please visit to the .

250000 Kyats - 599999 Kyats
Job Type
Job Specialization
Non-Profit Organisation / Social Services / NGO
Hpa-An, Kayin State, Myanmar (Burma)