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LaLa Beauty

Dear all visitors and aplicants

LaLa Beauty is a company doing for beauty products sale, for retail and wholesale ; together with shopping directly at the shop in Mywaddy or Online shopping.

Nowsaday, beauty markets are expanding so far and we accept that Myanmar people still consuming higher for local and foreign products such as Korea, Japan, Thai and other western countries etc. This is why LaLa Beauty gonna reach those goals by stocking many kinds of beauty products as cosmetics and skincares as well. Moreoevr, we also stock so many items in shop and also make pre-order of those items that most customers need without fee (import fee). 

However, our shop is located in Mywaddy but we do trust that expanding more brances and seeking sale representatives would be done nearly in the future. For this opportunity, LaLa Beauty want to welcome new aplicants who interest to work with us with gurantee salary over 300,000 ks plus incentive that you can do it more. 

Finally, we hope that this compuny, LaLa Beauty would help local people to reach their needs with fair price and authentic products. We do believe that local people should receive all fair services honetly.

Sale representative

As LaLa beauty is growing further, we do belive that it should expand more for those local people recieve fair services and needs. LaLa Beauty aims to provide all beauty products to local people honestly and they can buy as what they want following globalization in fair price.

Sale representative will cooperate directly to CEO by presenting your own creative ability for making sale to those beauty stores around Myanmar. Plus, our CEO will provide another fair price to you as you can earn extra margin by your own performance.

For example

Product A in market sell 2000 ks but CEO provides you for 1000 ks. Therefore, if you make a sale for this productA then you will earn 1000 into your pocket.

Doing this becasue 

1. LaLa beauty is located in Mywaddy but we would expand our sale stategies to cover more areas in Mywanmar

2. Promoting Myanmar market

3. We have our high quality steps or process as training before you go out to market as Sale Representatives


It is not hard and it is not easy to be a Sale Representative by salary 250,000-600,000ks but you can do it if...

1. Love about sale skills such as you are friendly and talkative by using your own performance.

2. Honest to customers and company

3. Making sale by presenting our company catalogs as we do it for you. You will be flexible to work also

4. Some cases, for eg. you can drive or take bus to many beauty shops and make presentation about our beauty items as Wholesale special price for only beauty stores. If they buy then you earn those extra incentive and margins.


1. Love the jobs in related to good services.

2. Know some beauty tips or beauty products detail well

3. Love to selling products and friendtly to present the items


How To Apply

If you are interesting please contact by email to 

and attcach your real CV or personal presentation as you can tell us more

250000 Kyats - 599999 Kyats
Job Type
Job Specialization
Sales - Retail / General
Personal Care / Beauty / Fitness Service
Myanmar (Burma)