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SKYBIT is the only platform in existence that bridges Myanmar with global e-commerce and foreign aid through payment processor and simple advertising platform using blockchain technology.

We aim to apply cutting-edge technologies to Myanmar in order to make a significantly positive difference to the country and the lives of its people. 

We embrace innovation, open-mindedness, lateral thinking and creative ideas that can solve real problems and immensely improve efficiency and productivity in both business and everyday living. We are not afraid to challenge or discard antiquated thinking and beliefs that restrain progress, much of which still persists in Myanmar. We will disrupt the status quo in order to improve the country, its economy, and the lives of all Myanmar people who for so long have been denied a better future until recently.

Technical Developer


1. Write programming code concisely and modularly for code reuse and ease of reasoning and maintenance.

2. Can work at home at flexible hours and meet deadlines.


1. Strong grasp of security principles for Internet applications

2. Have knowledge and experience in any of the following technologies:

- Meteor 1.7+

- Node.js

- React

3. And willing to learn some of the following technologies:

- Blockchain and cryptography, e.g. bitcoin, ethereum (Solidity, smart contracts), ERC20 tokens

- Javascript (ES2015+)

- Apollo

- MongoDB


- PostgreSQL

- GraphQL

- Blaze

- Elixir

- Dropbox API

​​- Memcached

- Redis

- IBM Cloud

- Cloud Foundry

- Docker

- Mocha

- Chai

- Cordova


- CSS, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap 4+

- JQuery

- Git

How To Apply

Please send your details (e.g. resume and / or linkedIn profile link), expected salary, and available start date via email now toHR@SKYBIT.ASIA.

Job Type
Job Specialization
IT / Computer - Software
Banking / Insurance / Financial Services
Royal River View Condo, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)