Milady Co. Ltd. Retail / Wholesale / Telesale / Online Sale 11 Bahan Street 1, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

We simply love to connect Brands to the market, and we are just good at it!

We are a Marketing company that helps businesses and Entrepreneurs in fashion, apparel and retails sectors from Branding awareness, successful sales distribution to Customer Engagement and Loyalty. 

We put 100% effort on four core focus : Brand Entrance, Set up successful Sales Channels, Profitable Execution, Customer centric Approach.

We are young, energetic and creative Branding company.

Milady Co. Ltd.'s Jobs

Brand Manager Milady Co. Ltd. yangon 250000 Kyats - 599999 Kyats 05-11-2016 Sales - Retail / General 376 views